Technical Notes


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Capacitor Tuning
Capacitor Tuning PDF

Use this well known series capacitor trick to obtain nice flat frequency response from very small sealed box enclosures.

Measuring Thiele/Small Parameters
Measuring Thiele/Small parameters PDF

This technical note describes how to obtain Thiele/Small parameters and also contains advice on driver break in.

Adding Mass to a Passive Radiator
Adding Mass to a Passive Radiator PDF

Passive radiator tuning calculations using added mass.

Time Alignment
Time Alignment PDF

Tech note on physical offset of transducers for time alignment and some table values for some popular combinations of SB Acoustics drivers.

Crossovers for PFC/PAC Coaxial Drivers
Crossovers for PFC/PAC Coaxial Drivers PDF

Examples of crossover designs to pair with our SB Acoustics PFC/PAC coaxial drivers.

Beryllium Important Information
Beryllium Important Information PDF

This information outlines precautions necessary when handling beryllium.

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