Rinjani TX

Open Source Kit: Not available as full kit, read below for details

The RINJANI TX takes advantage of the top of the line SATORI MW16TX-8 with two 6½″ midwoofers used in each speaker for a 2½-way floor standing speaker and pairs them with the 29mm wide surround TeXtreme® tweeter SATORI TW29TXN-B-8 for a visually and acoustically stunning match.

The crossover of the RINJANI TX has been completely revised for the TeXtreme® drivers to further enhance the performance and sonic qualities. the sound is very natural and true to life with the two 6½″ Mid woofers speaker delivering accurate and solid bass at even high listening levels.

The RINJANI’s faceted baffle is specially designed to reduce high frequency diffraction an yields superb imaging qualities. The 7 reclined cabinet ensures good time alignment resulting in sublime staging and pin point placement of instruments. the quality crossover lives in it’s own sealed chamber in the bottom of the speaker with a slanted divider to diminish standing waves.


Open Source Kit

The RINJANI TX is an open source kit meaning the speaker is fully developed and documented by SB Acoustics and you are free to use the plans. The cabinet design is shared with the RINJANI and RINJANI Be, only the crossover of this open source kit will need to be sourced and build as DIY.

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  • Frequency Range: 45 – 32000 Hz
  • Sensitivity ( 2.83V / 1m ): 88 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4Ω
  • Max SPL: 106 dB
  • Recommended Amplifier: 50 – 200 W
  • Crossover Frequency: 2400 Hz
  • Enclosure Type: Bass reflex
  • Port tuning Frequency: 35.5 Hz
  • Driver Units: SATORI TW29TXN-B-8 & 6½″ SATORIMW16TX-8